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Award-Winning Actress

Award-Winning Actress

With a long list of TV, film and stage credits to her name, Karen's gift of entertainment is abundantly clear. Karen channels her raw acting talent into projects and passions that help change the world for the better through stories of inspiration and hope.
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Entertainment Company Owner & Film Producer

Entertainment Company Owner & Film Producer

The mission of Karen's new production company, Earth Mother Entertainment, is to create thought-provoking, life-enriching entertainment for television, the big screen and the stage that she hopes will positively impact the world.
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Speaker, Storyteller & Women's Advocate

From churches, conferences and universities to private events, Karen’s speaking and women's events are extremely engaging and entertaining. She is always happy to tailor a performance to fit your organization's specific needs.
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Karen's Reviews & Testimonials

My dear sweet beautiful sister...your God given sparkle and ‘Jesus joy’ still linger...your supernatural energy and complete trust in God is amazing! Your the person you can see Jesus in and think...I want what she has...deep, unfaltering belief that God can do anything. I don’t know if I can put this into words right...I’ve always known you were a strong woman of God, but I also loved the character you played as Miss Clara. During your past visit...all I could see was Karen Abercrombie...the real you...your beautiful heart for God and desire to help other women see how much God loves them...I’ll always love Miss Clara because she embodies who you are, but all my heart sees is simply Karen...beautiful creation with many gifts from God...simply Karen, and I love you right back. I truly miss your presence. May God bless all the work He has given you and keep you refreshed in His spirit. Miss you!

Shelly Thompson

The Notebook Café

What a privilege it was to stand on stage with you and interpret your mighty message! God has anointed you in such a powerful, beautiful, and graceful way. I felt the Spirit settle in that place, the heat kicked up about four notches, and it was all I could do to stand on my feet and not fall out! Wow!! My only regret is not having had the opportunity to share these things with you in person. If you’re ever looking for an interpreter, please let me know, as I stand firm in the knowledge that God has called me to the stage. I don’t know exactly what it looks like yet, but it has been on my heart for some time. It would be an honor to work with you again! Many blessings and thank you for your service.

Janese Middleton

Sign Language Interpreter

You were an absolute joy to listen to today! I came home and told my husband all about Rahab because that really sunk in for me and my husband said "I've preached on that before, remember"? 3 times a week, 18 years I've sat under this gorgeous hunk of a man's sermons. I thought I absorbed them all. Apparently, you brought it out in a way that he didn't and I got it! As long as I finally got it, right? I just wanted to say that I enjoyed myself today. I would truly love to tell you my story sometime because God has done some amazing things in my life! He has given, He has taken, He is God and He is good! I love Him and now, I love you! Hope to talk soon, I have some things I can't share with anyone close to me, family or church, for a season but God is moving on my family and I praise His Holy Name! I thank God for sending me your way today, although I was almost taken out on the interstate en route! Praying for you and that God will continue to use you to help old gals like me!

Roxane (Roxi) Davis