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Karen Abercrombie is an award-winning actress, talented and engaging speaker... and now, a film producer.

As a world-class talented actress, Karen has a long and distinguished list of TV, film and stage credits, as well as a Dove Award and a Movieguide Grace Award, for her performance in the Kendrick Brother's faith-based film, "War Room". It was her performance of the 80 year-old "Miss Clara" in "War Room" that solidified her position as an innovator of faith-based films like 'Discarded Things', that she produced, starred in and co-wrote with Tara Lynn Marcelle.

Karen's involvement in faith-based projects, along with her own, deep-rooted faith, convinced her to form her production company, Earth Mother Entertainment, in order to put forth quality, family-friendly entertainment whose messages are not "watered down". She believes wholeheartedly that artistic creativity is a gift and a tool to be used to impact the world in a positive way - and that is just what she intends to do through her production company. Karen has two television series and one film project currently in development.

Of course, TV and film are only just a part of Karen's entertainment resume - she is an absolute lover of live theatre and live events, and has held roles in on-stage dramas, musicals, church stages, conferences, and more. Last year she took to the stage again under the direction of Zadia Ife, where she turned out riveting performances in the Off-Broadway production of "Ciao Bella", a two character drama with music that she wrote and produced. And, as a staple of Karen's passions, she hosts and speaks at several women's events and conferences throughout the year as a way of gathering, encouraging and uplifting women of all ages, races and beliefs.

Take A Deeper Dive Into Karen’s Passions

Conferences & Events for Women

Karen’s believes in the empowerment of women through community and collective action. Using her two programs, Karen works to highlight and embrace the narratives of the modern woman and to help women understand how they can better support each other in every aspect of their lives.
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Masterful Speaker

Karen is an engaging speaker and storyteller and enjoys traveling the world to entertain for a myriad of events, engagements and organizations.
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Award-Winning Actress

From roles in hit TV series that span various genres, to emotional and captivating roles in film and on stage, Karen is truly at the top of her acting career.
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Inspired Producer

Karen's new production company, Earth Mother Entertainment, brings thought-provoking, life-enriching entertainment for television, big screen and stage.
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Avid Environmentalist

One of Karen's greatest passions is her love and protection of the planet, advocating for conservation and restoration of the natural environment.
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