Karen Abercrombie is an avid outdoorswoman and environmentalist

Devoted To Earth

Karen is nature-lover who enjoys spending time in the great outdoors doing such activities as hiking, kayaking, gardening or just stargazing. She believes that to be able to enjoy the gifts nature gives, she must also be a steward, and strives to protect and conserve the natural environment.

“God gives us dominion over the earth and its creatures, which means we are caretakers. And we are doing a terrible job!”

For her part, Karen is an avid proponent for conservation, recycling and the overall decrease of our impact on the planet. Karen drives this belief home – literally – as her home, in fact, is LEED Certified through the use of many innovative building techniques designed to lessen power consumption and reduce stress on the environment.

Through teaching and mentorship, Karen hopes that future generations will be better advocates for the preservation, restoration and/or improvement of the natural environment.

Example of Karen's Environmental Passion

If it can be done in Peru, why can't it be done in the U.S.?

According to our country’s Environment Department Executive Order 013-2018-MINAM, and Act 30884 (Peruvian Congress), starting December 2018, access to all archaeological sites and protected natural areas for people carrying disposable plastic items is forbidden. There are some exceptions for valid reasons (health issues, snack packages).

This is a policy which aims at preventing ecological hazards and ensure environmental-touristic sustainability. The new regulations apply to the Machu Picchu citadel and all other destinations covered by the government order. Also, it strongly encourages reusable plastic in hotels, cities and at home.

The disposable plastic ban in Peru covers all items of this kind, because they are not biodegradable and therefore, will inevitably become dangerous, long-lasting environmental waste, contrary to our government’s commitment to preservation of nature and tour destinations. TOUR IN PERU certainly supports all kinds of prevention of ecological pollution.

Plastic ban in Peru is an example of Karen Abercrombie's environmentalism passions

Objects under this prohibition are every type of kitchenware (glasses, plates, forks, straws, etc), bottles, polystyrene foam containers, bags and similars.From December 2018, only reusable or biodegradable plastic items and holders will be allowed in the Inca sanctuary and all destinations included in the new Executive Order 013-2018-MINAM. For instance: biodegradable plastic bags, paper or metal straws, reusable kitchen and dinnerware, eco-friendly containers (instead of polystyrene). Know these new products with more detail reading our article about eco-friendly items.