Conferences & Events for Women

One of Karen’s deepest passions is the empowerment of women through collective action and in community. Women showing up and supporting other women solidifies one of the most foundational aspects of being woman – the gathering and sustaining of family and “village” to strengthen and unify. Through her two distinct programs, Karen works to highlight and embrace the narratives of the modern woman and to help women understand how they can better support each other in every aspect of their lives.

Village Events Women's Conferences by Karen Abercrombie

Powerful Day-Long Conferences Designed to Empower Women

These Events Occur on Saturdays Between 9AM - 3PM

Karen realizes power of the village, and encourages women of all ages and from all backgrounds to work together. Using the Village Events women’s conferences, Karen brings women together in order to be honest, open, stripped-down and sincere with each other and with God. These events unite women as sisters and daughters to turn the tide of society and send it flowing in a positive, healthy direction. “As we walk hand-in-hand together, as we pray side-by-side together, as we move forward together, strengthened by the word of God. A beautiful and magnificent force, UNITED.”

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Girl’s Night Out with Karen are inspirational and uplifting evening events held throughout the country. These events are intimate gatherings spiced with worship, storytelling and some real “girl talk”. If you’re looking to close out your week with out-of-the-box fun, this is the event for you!

Girl's Night Out by Karen Abercrombie

Intimate Evening Events Designed to Inspire & Uplift

These Events Occur on Saturday Evenings