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About Earth Mother Entertainment

Formed in 2018, Earth Mother Entertainment leverages the decades of award-winning talent, creativity and leadership of actress / writer, Karen Abercrombie, to establish a powerful production brand intended to create and curate thought-provoking, uplifting entertainment for television,  big screen and live stage.

Earth Mother Entertainment strives to tell original stories about unconventional heroes, and how the journeys they embark upon shape their lives and the lives of people they touch. Stories that connect us through common threads.

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Karen’s experiences with modern filmmaking and writing made her realize there is a need to highlight stories that not only teach life lessons, but that also bring people of all backgrounds together using common cords – stories about experiences that we ALL encounter – stories that teach us that we are all valuable and have more in common than we realize. It is these stories and themes that Karen believes inspires people and brings them joy and hope.

As a result of her realization, Karen decided she needed to be a catalyst and curator of these stories – she needed to be at the forefront of the revolution. It was then Earth Mother Entertainment was created to spearhead the development of powerful writing and uplifting stories that she and her partners could create, produce and distribute. Having produced several Off-Broadway stage shows in the past, Karen’s premiere independent film through Earth Mother Entertainment, Discarded Things, received critical acclaim and is currently in distribution. As a follow-up to that success, the production company has several other films and a TV series in the works, placing Karen in an elite class among other renowned producers.

Karen Abercrombie | Writer & producer with Earth Mother Entertainment
Discarded Things Movie by Earth Mother Entertainment LLC & Karen Abercrombie

Discarded Things

‘Discarded Things’ follows the life of Grace Wyatt, an esteemed music professor whose life is disrupted by tragedy and alcoholism. When she finds herself thrown out of her lavish academic world and into the harsh reality of teaching at-risk youth, she begins to find emotional restoration as she gets to know the teens. Together, they offer each other support through the power of forgiveness and music.

Discarded Things has been selected as one of the ten films to be screened at this year’s 10th Annual Charlotte Black Film Festival, June 18 – 21, and is also being featured at the Rhode Island Black Film Festival, with rescheduled dates pending.

Can’t make the film festivals but interested in a private screening of the film at your church? Details here >

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Angels Unaware

‘Angels Unaware’ is a fantasy drama television series, created by Karen Abercrombie. The series revolves around Eden, an angel that God dispatches from heaven to encounter people before they make a decision that will have a devastating effect on their lives and the lives of others.

Shooting for the first 7 episodes of Season 1 starts in early 2020.

Angels Unaware | Earth Mother Entertainment

Other Current & Future Projects by Earth Mother Entertainment

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Karen Abercrombie and cast of her film 'Discarded Things'

Cast of ‘Discarded Things’, written and produced by Karen Abercrombie’s Earth Mother Entertainment

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