Inspired Producer

Following the release of the faith-based film ‘War Room’, Karen, who played “Miss Clara”, said she saw the positive impact the movie had on people’s lives.

Soon after receiving numerous awards and accolades for ‘War Room’, Karen realized there was a need and a market for movies that have an encouraging effect on people and teach life lessons that bring joy and hope. With the help of her friend, Tara Lynn Marcelle of Huntersville, Karen wrote ‘Discarded Things’, a “powerful story about forgiveness and how forgiveness opens doors for the Lord to work”. In the modern Hollywood, those ideals are not always easy to sell. Karen went in search of filmmakers for the project, but found they wanted to “water down” the message. It was then Karen decided to form her own production company – one that she could use to create and produce thought-provoking, life-enriching entertainment for television, the big screen and the stage. Karen wholeheartedly believes that artistic creativity is a gift and a tool to be used to impact the world in a positive way.

Named for her passion of conservation of the Earth and of all things “good and nurturing”, Karen launched Earth Mother Entertainment. The company has two television series and one film project currently in development.

Karen Abercrombie | Writer & producer with Earth Mother Entertainment

Current & Future Projects by Earth Mother Entertainment

Junk | A Project by Earth Mother Entertainment
Remnant | A project bu Earth Mother Entertainment
Pegasus by Earth Mother Entertainment
Discarded Things by Earth Mother Entertainment
Karen Abercrombie and cast of her film 'Discarded Things'

Cast of ‘Discarded Things’, written and produced by Karen Abercrombie’s Earth Mother Entertainment

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