Inspired Producer

Karen understands that there is a need to tell stories that not only teach life lessons, but that also bring people from all backgrounds together using common cords…stories about experiences that we ALL encounter. Stories that teach us that we are all valuable and have more in common than we realize. That we are really more alike than we are different. Karen also wants to tell stories that inspire and bring joy and hope. Karen wholeheartedly believes that art is a precious gift and a powerful tool to be used to impact the world in a positive way.

Named for her passion for conservation of the Earth and all things “good and nurturing”, Karen launched Earth Mother Entertainment, LLC. The company has two television series and one film project currently in development.

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Karen Abercrombie | Writer & producer with Earth Mother Entertainment

Current & Future Projects by Earth Mother Entertainment

Second Time Around by Earth Mother Entertainment
Christmas Angel by Earth Mother Entertainment
Junk | A Project by Earth Mother Entertainment