Karen Abercrombie - the speaker and women's advocate

Karen as Speaker, Storyteller & Women's Advocate

As a Parents’ Choice Award-Winning storyteller, Karen thoroughly enjoys traveling the world to entertain with her uplifting messages in churches, conferences, universities, private events, or any number of other types of engagements, and is always happy to tailor a speech or storytelling performance to fit your organization’s specific needs. So whether you are looking for inspirational stories or want your audience to hear about Karen’s diverse and gripping life experiences – sometimes mixed with magical adventures through the deserts of Persia or the jungles of the Amazon –  there are always many opportunities to delight and entertain.

A cornerstone of Karen’s principles and advocacies is her belief in the empowerment of women and the power of community.  As such, Karen organizes her own women’s events throughout the country, called “Village Events”. These intimate, gripping and entertaining on-stage performances provide excellent out-of-the-box experiences for attendees and are designed to be a fun and uplifting way to educate and bond women of all backgrounds, ages and races.  Learn more about these events for women >>

More About Karen

Award-Winning Actress

First and foremost, Karen is an outstanding actress and is passionate about her craft. From roles in hit TV series that span various genres, to emotional and captivating roles in film and on stage, Karen is truly at the top of her acting career.
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Entertainment Company Owner & Producer

Karen’s company, Earth Mother Entertainment, with her as producer, brings thought-provoking, life-enriching entertainment for television, big screen and stage.
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Conferences & Events for Women

Using intimate, uplifting programs and platforms, Karen works to highlight, embrace and empower women through community and collective action.
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