Village Events Women's Conferences by Karen Abercrombie

Conferences Designed to Empower Women

The world is constantly pitting women against each other in a virtual competition that has caused separation and diminished the passing of common wisdom and life experiences. The result? The eventual tearing away of moral fibers, because it is women – for the most part – who set the tone for their households. Women in the villages of old worked together, shared their gifts and talents, and were teachers, mid-wives, counselors, caretakers, and much more. Those roles and those experiences are being chipped away by the modern desire to be “better” than the fellow woman.

Karen realizes power of the village, and encourages women of all ages and from all backgrounds to work together. Using the Village Events women’s conferences, Karen brings women together in order to be honest, open, stripped-down and sincere with each other and with God. These events unite women as sisters and daughters to turn the tide of society and send it flowing in a positive, healthy direction. “As we walk hand-in-hand together, as we pray side-by-side together, as we move forward together, strengthened by the word of God. A beautiful and magnificent force, UNITED.”

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Village Events: Working Together

Realizing power of the village to encourage women of all ages and from all backgrounds to work together.
Karen Abercrombie empowering women through The Village Events conferences