Conferences & Events for Women

One of Karen’s deepest passions is the empowerment of women through collective action and community involvement. Women showing up and supporting other women solidifies one of the most foundational aspects of being woman – the gathering and sustaining of family and “village” to strengthen and unify. Through her various programs, Karen works to highlight and embrace the narratives of the modern woman and to help women understand how they can better support each other in every aspect of their lives.

Girl's Night Out Events by Karen Abercrombie

Intimate Programs Designed to Inspire & Uplift

Girl’s Night Out are programs presented by Karen at inspirational and uplifting women’s events held throughout the country. These events are often organized by churches, women’s advocacy groups, universities, corporations, or other organizations – including Karen herself – and consist of seminars, conferences or speaking events by women. Karen is available as a keynote speaker, as a storyteller, or as the entertaining drama within these events, and can be accompanied by the fabulous up-and-coming singer/songwriter, Eva Frank, to add variety and song.

If your women’s organization or event is looking for an intimate, out-of-the-box empowerment experience presented by the talented Karen Abercrombie, look no further. Please contact Karen to discuss program options, details, and booking requirements.

More About Karen

Award-Winning Actress

First and foremost, Karen is an outstanding actress and is passionate about her craft. From roles in hit TV series that span various genres, to emotional and captivating roles in film and on stage, Karen is truly at the top of her acting career.
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Entertainment Company Owner & Producer

Karen’s company, Earth Mother Entertainment, with her as producer, brings thought-provoking, life-enriching entertainment for television, big screen and stage.
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Speaker & Storyteller

Karen is an engaging speaker and storyteller and enjoys traveling the world to entertain for a myriad of events, engagements and organizations.
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